Hey there, I’m Julia!

A few years back, I started painting again after I’d mostly put it on the backburner for nearly a decade. It felt good to get my hands dirty again, but my skills felt rusty, and my results were inconsistent at best. I’d often end up with dull colors and tight, stuffy compositions.

I wandered local galleries and endlessly scroll artist accounts on Instagram to try and figure out what I needed to do differently. Even though I was drawn to dynamic, bright, expressive work, I couldn’t figure out how to paint like that myself.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was stuck between the traditional, realistic painting style I’d learned in high school and the new, exciting direction I wanted to go – and my work was showing it. This “identity crisis” led to countless wasted hours at my easel and expensive canvases in the trash.

But then I finally had a breakthrough…

I committed to just showing up and painting every day, regardless of the outcome. I stopped worrying about what I thought a painting “should” look like and let myself just play. It felt completely awkward at first, and I spent a lot of time stuck in my head. My mind kept saying “you’re wasting your time!”, but my intuition knew I was onto something.

And you know what? My creativity began to flow, and magic finally started to unfold. Through months of extensive trial and error, I developed a sure-fire process that finally got me the results I wanted: vibrant, juicy, textured paintings that made me (and others!) swoon.

I now teach others this very same process so they can confidently create dynamic, colorful paintings they love too.