Hey there, I’m Julia!

I’m a lifelong artist and certified transformational coach. My journey from burnout and exhaustion to calm and creative bliss has ignited a mission in me to guide overwhelmed individuals toward a path of well-being and self-discovery through painting.

With a unique blend of artistic expertise and a passion for personal transformation, I’m here to help you calm your busy mind, reclaim your creative spark, and find balance in a chaotic world.

My personal journey through intense burnout in a demanding career, followed by a life-shattering double diagnosis, has deepened my understanding of the critical importance of self-care. I’m here to help you navigate the overwhelming demands of life, embrace your innate creativity, and reconnect with your authentic self.

Through the Soulshine Creative Society, I offer more than just painting lessons – I provide a pathway to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Join me as we embark on a journey to prioritize self-care, reduce stress, and unleash your creative potential. Together, we won’t just paint beautiful paintings – we’ll cultivate a creative practice that lets your soul shine.