Are there any tasks in your business that you do not enjoy doing? I’m sure you can name a few.

Back In the beginning of my e-commerce business, I used to do EVERYTHING. I designed the products, built the website, listed items for sale, did SEO, and posted on social media. Everything!! I even printed my own products, packed them up, prepared them for shipping, and dragged them to the post office every day.

The reality is – I HATED doing a lot of those tasks. ESPECIALLY packing and shipping my products.

When I outsourced that one task, my business changed rapidly. Not only did handing off printing and shipping to someone else free up my time and location, it freed up my ENERGY.

I now had so much space in my day, it was AMAZING!! I was able to be open to new opportunities. And to focus more on what I love, like  creating new designs, experimenting with new marketing tools, and even things outside my business like going for hikes and meeting friends for coffee.

Focusing on more of what I loved to do helped me be in the energy of a successful entrepreneur. And it was that new energy that totally exploded my business.

A few months after I started outsourcing the printing and shipping, I got a huge hit of inspiration to create a new product line, and it became my all-time best-selling line. 

Within a year of handing off the biggest tasks that were sucking my energy, I’d matched my former 9-5 salary. And within another year, I’d hit six figures.

So what’s the lesson here?

Make sure the majority of the tasks you do in your business are ones that you LOVE. 

You probably already understand that when you outsource something you dislike doing in your business, you’re getting back your time. But it’s not just about the time, it’s about the energy you save, too!

Your energy is SO valuable. 

What you are able to achieve in your business is 100% dependent on your energy. What you want to manifest – the money, the clients, the impact, the freedom – all rely on aligning yourself with the energy of already having these things. 

Don’t think you’re ready to outsource yet? I’m willing to bet that you are! Shoot me a DM on Instagram at @juliabaldwintaylor and tell me what your biggest struggle with outsourcing is. I’d love to help you out! 

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