Back in the early 2000 when I started my mountain biking journey, I had no idea what my body and mind were capable of. My bike was too big, and I could barely finish an hour-long ride. I was AWFUL!  There were plenty of epic crashes along the way. 

A couple of years into mountain biking I came across a picture of two riders bombing down a trail in the Rocky Mountains. It was swoon worthy, and I cut it out and put it on my wall. I had no idea how I would get to the fitness or skill level required to ride a dreamy trail like that one, but I knew I wanted it. BAD!! 

In today’s video I share how slowly, overtime, I became a pretty badass rider. Going from clumsy beginner to a strong, skilled rider. In the beginning I didn’t know how I was going to get there, but I just KEPT GOING!! 

My journey over the years has proven to me that I can do ANYTHING if I want it badly enough.

Like learning to mountain bike, some might say I’ve “made it” as an entrepreneur. I’ve hit six figures, I’ve sold an e-commerce brand, and I travel all over the world, running my business from the road. 

But I still hit bumps in the road or have failures. I have days where I struggle. But like learning to mountain bike, I just. keep. Going. 

You will probably have days like this too, especially when you are first starting out. It may feel impossible. But instead of focusing on why you won’t make it or what will stop you, try focusing on what it would feel like to reach that goal. Let yourself daydream about what it would be like. 

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