My husband and I hit the Colorado River on our paddleboards last week. The weather was perfect and the water was as warm as it gets (i.e. still freezing!). Plus we got to hang out with friends we hadn’t seen in a while.

There is a section of the river that we were on called “Eye of the Needle”, where you have to navigate around a big boulder in a narrow section of the river, and there are lots of white, splashy waves.

A few years back, I choose the WRONG path around the boulder. My SUP went straight into the boulder and I went into the raging river. Several ounces of water up my nose and some fierce kicking later, I managed to get to safety, my body unscathed but my ego bruised. 

Although I was never in any serious danger, the experience left me pretty shaken. It took me FOUR whole years to finally get up the courage to try paddling the Eye again.

My heart was pounding as we floated closer to the upcoming rapids last week. I put my helmet on and checked my equipment. 

But as we got closer, my coach brain turned on. I asked myself:

“How do I want to feel on the other end of this section?”

I thought: Invigorated. Thrilled. Accomplished. 

I had just enough time to connect with those feelings before it was game time. I felt the energy from the excitement and adrenaline flowing in my body. Plus the grounded satisfaction of conquering something big. Less than 10 minutes later I was out of the canyon. I may have been on my knees but I was still on my board. My body was shaking, but I had a HUGE smile on my face. I felt ALIVE!!

Connecting with the feeling of the result I wanted helped guide me through the rapids. 

Here’s the thing – when we can tune into the energy of the thing we want to create – whether it’s conquering a river or getting to the next level of income in our business – we tell our subconscious mind that we’re going to succeed. Feeling the feeling of achieving the goal helps us move away from fear and doubt and take the actions that are going to get us to our goal. 

I love how my experience on the river perfectly demonstrates this. Other than knowing I had to paddle right instead of left around the boulder, my subconscious did the work of getting me down the river safely. I just tuned in to what I wanted to experience and how I wanted to feel. There was no analyzing or overthinking, and there certainly wasn’t time for hemming and hawing over decisions.

This is also true in business!! If you know you want to get to six figures in your biz, experiencing the feelings of having that $100K year NOW will help get you there.

The more you step into the emotions you’ll feel when you hit that huge goal, the more you’ll be able to ditch self-doubt, worry, and indecision. When you align with the energy of what you want, the more you’ll be guided there by the deep intuitive wisdom you already have within you.

So I wanna know… what’s YOUR big goal for Q4? The next 12 months?

And how will you feel when you get there?

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