Learn to confidently create vibrant, expressive, acrylic paintings that make you (and others!) swoon.

Stop putting your art on the backburner because you’re afraid of failure or wasting time.

Instead, master a painting process that inspires you to make the time in your schedule to get creative. Squash self-doubt once and for all, and effortlessly create vivid, textured paintings that set your soul on fire!

You’re tired of feeling…


Unsure of what to paint


Doubtful of your skills


Frustrated with flat, muddy, or dull paintings

You want to paint, but have trouble starting… or if you do, you end up unhappy with what you create.

Now you’re looking for a better way to confidently create colorful, expressive paintings you love.

You want to paint more with more expression, color, and passion, so you…

Tried replicating other artists’ work

BUT you just can’t seem to emulate the techniques you see. You often end up with a muddy mess, and feel embarrassed to show your work to anyone.

Started watching Youtube tutorials

BUT they’re hard to follow and you can’t get answers to your questions. You fall down the tutorial rabbit hole and feel more lost about your process than ever.

Signed up for a painting class

BUT the instructor taught in a tight, overly realistic style – exactly what you’re trying to move away from. You gave up after a few classes only to beat yourself up even more.

Here’s a bold question for you:

What if you could start confidently creating juicy, expressive, colorful paintings you love in just a few weeks?

Sound too good to be true?
Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!

I figured out a way to stop wasting my time painting dull, flat paintings, and consistently create gorgeous, loose, expressive paintings I love.

I’ll be honest with you:

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

A few years back, I started painting again after I’d mostly put it on the backburner for nearly a decade. It felt good to get my hands dirty again, but my skills felt rusty, and my results were inconsistent at best. I’d often end up with dull colors and tight, stuffy compositions.

I wandered local galleries and endlessly scrolled artist accounts on Instagram to try and figure out what I needed to do differently. Even though I was drawn to dynamic, bright, expressive work, I couldn’t figure out how to paint like this myself.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was stuck between the traditional, realistic painting style I’d learned in high school and the new, exciting direction I wanted to go – and my work was showing it. This “identity crisis” led to countless wasted hours at my easel and expensive canvases in the trash.

But then I finally had a breakthrough…

I committed to just showing up and painting every day, regardless of the outcome. I stopped worrying about what I thought a painting “should” look like and let myself just play. It felt completely awkward at first, and I spent a lot of time stuck in my head. My mind kept saying “you’re wasting your time!”, but my intuition knew I was onto something.

And you know what? My creativity began to flow, and magic finally started to unfold. Through months of extensive trial and error, I developed a sure-fire process that finally got me the results I wanted: vibrant, juicy, textured paintings that made me (and others!) swoon.

I now teach others this very same process so they can confidently create dynamic, colorful paintings they love too.

The best thing?

I feel so creatively satisfied, so in the flow, and love my work so much, I can’t wait to paint even more!

And I want this for you too!

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

To confidently create juicy, expressive, textured paintings:

Step 1

Master the Basics
Simplify your supplies and set up the perfect workspace. Learn to confidently mix colors and explore different brushstrokes.

Step 2

Build Expressive Foundations
Create rich, colorful underpaintings that make your paintings pop. Learn to apply brushstrokes with intention for thick, juicy texture.

Step 3

Create & Shine
Consistently and confidently create gorgeous, expressive, vibrant paintings that make you (and everyone else!) swoon.

Can this really work for you? You bet!

You’ll have SO much to celebrate:

Stunning paintings you're proud of

More confidence in your artistic abilities

Joy & creative fulfillment that makes you come ALIVE!

Welcome to…

The Soulshine Creative Society

Join us inside this exclusive monthly art membership that will help you confidently create expressive, vibrant paintings you love

The Soulshine Creative Society

Inside, You’ll Get:

Acrylic Painting Foundations to Make Your Practice Super Easy:

Simplify Your Supplies & Figure Out Exactly What You Need

Confidently Create a Rock-Solid Underpainting

Understand Values

Mix Colors with Ease

Apply Brushstrokes with Intention for Thick, Juicy Textured Paintings

Monthly guided, step-by-step projects:

2 Recorded, Done-with-You Painting Projects per Month

Bite-sized Video Lessons You Can Fit Around Your Busy Schedule

Drawing Templates, Reference Photos & Color Mixing Cheat Sheets

Hacks & Advice for Staying Motivated

plus get access to:

2 Live Support Calls with Julia per Month

Co-Painting Sessions to Keep You Accountable

An Uplifting, Supportive Community

An Ever-Growing Library of All Past Projects

Join Now and Get Instant Access to:

6 Foundational Acrylic Painting Lessons

2 Recorded, Done-with-You Painting Projects per Month
2 Monthly Live Support & Accountability Calls

Drawing Templates & Color Mixing Cheat Sheets

Mindset Worksheets to Bust Your Blocks
Access to Our Uplifting, Supportive Community

An Ever-Growing Library of All Past Projects

Bonus Projects Exploring Topics Like Boosting Your Mood Through Art

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What members say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lessons suitable for beginners?

YES! They’re designed for individuals of all skill levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist, you’ll love the easy-to-follow lessons and step-by-step projects.

What if I fall behind in the lessons?

There is no falling behind! All lessons and projects are pre-recorded so you can do them at your own pace. Additionally, all live calls are recorded so you can access them any time that’s convenient for you.

This is a supportive, judgment-free zone; we can provide accountability when you need it – but you get to choose how fast or slow you move through the modules!

I'm worried I won't have enough time. Will this work for me?

Yes, I’ve broken down the lessons and projects to be easily digestible and watched at your own pace. Members spend an average of about 2 hours per week on projects, but if you only have 30 minutes – you’ll still make progress, see results, and most importantly – have fun!! (And you’re of course also welcome to binge-watch as many projects and lessons as you like when you have more time!)

How much support is included?

You’ll receive access to 2 live monthly Zoom calls with me where you can ask anything you want! You’ll also be able to ask questions and get feedback in our Facebook group any time (I typically respond within 24 hours M-F).

Can I wait and join later?

Yes, but doors only open a couple of times per year, so you’ll have to wait until they do. 

Do I have to commit for a certain number of months?

No, you are not locked in and can cancel any time.

I've tried other painting classes and didn't get results. How is this different?

A lot of online art classes don’t provide any support or personalized feedback, leaving you feeling lost and confused. My membership offers two different ways to get help: live Zoom calls where you can ask anything, and a supportive, uplifting Facebook community. If you’re stuck or feeling overwhelmed, we’ll help you get unstuck fast so you can start and finish art you love every week!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.