We have all had times where we have been incredibly inspired to create something, but then when we find the space to be creative, we find that the inspiration wanes. 

A lot of manifestation coaches, including myself, teach their clients to wait to take action until they feel inspired.

However, something that often gets left out of the equation is self-doubt. Is your self-doubt masquerading as a lack of inspiration? 

In this week’s video I share with you a time when I experienced this myself. I had been extremely excited about a new project, yet when I finally had the space to create, I felt I was no longer inspired. However, after taking some time to do some journaling on it, I realized it wasn’t that the inspiration wasn’t there – it was that self-doubt was taking control and dimming the magic I had felt.

Plus, I share what you can do to determine if you’re REALLY NOT feeling inspired, or if you’re sabotaging yourself before you get started. And how to address both situations.

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